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Combat Targeting

Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 3:22 pm
by Rias
You can now specify which target to default hostile actions against with the TARGET command. Any hostile actions (attacking, cas ting offensive spells, etc.) against a target will set them as your default target. TARGET can be used to target both players or critters - even those that are not -currently hostile toward you - for hostile actions.

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tar rias
You are now targeting Rias.

tar dummy
You are now targeting the animated training dummy.
If there are multiple critters of the same type in the room, you can specify which to target like so:

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tar third dummy
You are now targeting the third animated training dummy.

tar 5 dummy
You are now targeting the fifth animated training dummy.
Note that you can specify by number (6) or by spelling it out (sixth). This will be handy for focusing fire in group combat and disabling several enemies without having to completely kill one in order to get to the next.