Punch, kick and claw

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Punch, kick and claw

Post by Rias » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:14 pm

Players can now use the PUNCH, KICK and, if their character is a Canim, CLAW verbs in combat.

PUNCH is the same as using ATTACK while not holding a weapon, though in the case of the Canim, it guarantees a punch attack instead of being a random choice between punch and claw. PUNCH can be used to do a punch attack even if you're holding a weapon in hand, so long as your other hand is free.

KICK is a less-lethal attack that only has a chance of 1 strike per attack (though certain combat styles are planned to utilize kicks more effectively).

CLAW is available only to Canim characters, and guarantees a claw attack rather than a random choice between a claw and punch attack, as long as at least one hand is free. Like PUNCH, CLAW can be used to do a claw attack even when holding a weapon in hand, so long as the other hand is free.

All these attacks are dependent on the attacker's Brawl skill.
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