Melee: Subdue

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Melee: Subdue

Post by Elystole » Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:34 pm

This is something I was considering before generalization and I recommended something like it for the justice system, but now that abilities are generalized I think we have an opportunity for it to work. And it's good for any character who wants to defend themselves but not kill everything that takes a swing at them. I am personally trying to find more ways for Elystole to solve problems besides shooting them.

Melee: Subdue
You've learned how to incapacitate rather than kill your foes while brawling or using a potentially nonlethal weapon.
(OOC: Adds a "subdue" toggle. When subdue is on you won't inflict worse than moderate wounds and you'll beat opponents unconscious rather than to death)
Usage: subdue<on/off>
Prequisites: Melee Focus

I said "potentially nonlethal weapon" instead of "light" weapons because I have a hard time seeing someone subdue a target with a stiletto or other dagger, which are light weapons, because they are sharp blades, but they could probably do it with a rudis. I have a wooden training sword and while I can beat the crap out of someone with it, it probably wouldn't kill them unless I went out of my way to do it. At the same time, I didn't say "wooden weapons" because totem mauls are wooden and I don't see subduing someone with one of those either.

I almost thought it'd be nice to just make certain weapons nonlethal, such as rudis, wooden daggers (forgot the CLOK name), and batons, but that leaves the brawlers out and they should definitely be able to subdue people.

The way I see it working is that the weapons inflict damage as normal - up to the cap for 'moderate' wounds. So on a human target you could inflict 59 points of damage to most any spot, but you'd never push them over to 60 because at that point they start bleeding with a bad wound. After that point you continue to inflict energy damage until they pass out. They're pretty messed up, probably with multiple moderate wounds, but they can regain their energy without bleeding out.
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