toggle attempt to cause specific damage with weapon

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toggle attempt to cause specific damage with weapon

Postby Hakon » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:56 pm

I was looking at polearms today and I noticed that at least one of them can do pierce, slash, hack, and bludgeon damage.

This looks like the weapon is pretty versatile, but most of the versatility may be lost due to the type of damage you're doing is random.

I don't know code, and I especially have no idea how easy or hard something like this would be to implement, but here goes:

How about a toggle that gives a percentage chance, based on weapon skill, for you to do the damage (out of the types available with the weapon) of your choosing?


toggle hack

You will now attempt to hack with your {currently held weapon(s)}.

And if you can't hack with the weapon you're holding it could say...

Your weapon is incapable of doing hack damage.

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