Making critter's skill levels randomish

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Making critter's skill levels randomish

Post by Sneaky » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:06 am

So I was thinking today. It's a little odd to think that every critter that spawns is exactly the same as any other critter that spawns, so why not instead have their skills randomized along a set range. For example:
the critters in the tarueka wilds roll 100, or at least that's what I'm recalling, as I can't check at the moment due to the cold, but you get the idea. Every single one rolls a 100 attack and 100 dodge depending on their wounds and energy level. My suggestion would make it so that each critter spawned with a random set of stats close to this number, the range could be between 75% and 125% of the base value. I think this could help with the problems that arise when you reach higher skill levels and have trouble finding good areas to train.
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