Coastal Cliffs

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Coastal Cliffs

Post by Orris » Sat May 28, 2016 4:26 pm

This is my favorite area in the whole game. I would live here if I could, if only I could sell things and store my money closer than Haiban... anyway, I'm very happy that it has a good array of things to hunt, but when it comes to training my elemancy I won't be able to make it work here much longer I think.

So I was just wondering: Are there any plans to expand the coastal cliffs or do another nearby coastal area? I realize this is entirely selfish and there are other places I can hunt already, but I still wanted to make some suggestions because the game needs more coastal areas!

Inside the haunted galleon: belowdecks can be more skeletal pirates and ghouls that are tougher than the others, or to make it a little more different than the other areas, drowned sailor apparitions or something like that. Not ghouls, not skeletons, they're just the ghosts.

Shoals: Some shallows and sandbars and stuff just off the coast. It could be split into the near shoals that's mostly land and shallow water, and the far shoals that is shallow water and some deep water rooms. Monsters to hunt can be shoalstrider dragons which are like coral lizards but bigger and meaner, reefcrawler crabs like giant spider crabs but more aggressive.

Stonesthrow Island: A small island that gets its name because it's said to be just a stone's throw from the coast. It's a little further than that actually, you have to swim out past the far shoals to get to it. Covered in jungle foliage, this island has more exotic wildlife, more types of amphibious lizards, some giant flightless birds with nasty beaks and talons, giant snapping turtles.

Stonesthrow Island Temple: An ancient temple at the center of the small island, this is the home of cultists that worship Verungnr or some other mysterious darker sea deity from a time unknown. The cultists come in different types, some with sorcery powers, some with weapons, some using hydromancy and lightning. They kill any trespassers as a sacrifice to their deity, so they're hostile to everyone. They have some blessing or curse from their deity that makes them like Undying, so they can never be permanently cleared out of the temple because they will always return eventually even after death. These guys would be really high in skill level and danger level!
While planning a trip to the haunted galleon with a bunch of people on ESP...
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