Hunting areas by skill range

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Hunting areas by skill range

Post by Jirato » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:05 pm

Which skill ranges would you guys like to see fleshed out a bit more? Do any of you feel there is a particular range of difficulty skill that does not currently have adequately available hunting options?
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Re: Hunting areas by skill range

Post by Lun » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:20 pm

I'm having difficulty finding creatures to train on at around 600 skill. It could just be that I'm not aware of the appropriate areas for levelling, but either things are too weak as compared to me, or they're too strong. I'd group up, but it doubles up on rest time and it drops our skillgain thanks to the multi opponent system of lowering defense values. Grouping up on a stronger opponent doesn't stop them from smashing our faces in, either.

Early game is very well fleshed out with many hunting options, at this medium range I start finding myself at the same location repeatedly.

Likewise, at the 1000- 1200 range, most of the opponents I can fight are arguably too strong for their level. Armed with single-hit kill weapons or the ability to trounce a solo player. I repeat the same group mechanic disadvantage on why I don't group up to fight them, other than the fact there are few players in the skill range that I know of.

I think areas like the new scavengers at the bandit fortress and the troglodytes are perfect for hunting. They have a chance to spawn with a perfect weapon capable of rending great blows, but for the most part can be used to train without too much suffering.

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