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Post by Rias » Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:05 pm

Because pirates are awesome, you can now purchase flintlocks in the small shop east of the Shadgard Commons. Flintlocks are one-handed firearms that depend on the Firearms skill for accuracy, and will likely be the only firearms to make an appearance in the game aside from some exceptionally rare uniques. The shop owner, Finn, can be ASKed about TRAINING by those who wish to speedily increase their Firearms skill.

Flintlocks are meant to be loaded previous to combat and used as a quick first shot (they fire in one second) before resorting to another weapon, though they are somewhat effective when used as a primary ranged weapon, if desired. They are a bit weaker than their other ranged counterparts and require more effort and money to maintain.

Flintlocks require both shot and powder. Both can be purchased in the previously-mentioned store. Shot can be bundled. Once you have both shot and powder, simply LOAD the firearm twice - first for the powder, second for the shot. The shot and powder simply need to be inside a container you are wearing - you don't need to manually get them out first and then LOAD the flintlock. Example:
put powd in bag
You put a belt powderhorn in the weathered canvas duffle bag that you are wearing.

put shot in bag
You put a bundle of shots in the weathered canvas duffle bag that you are wearing.

get flint
You remove a steel-barreled flintlock from the weathered canvas duffle bag you are wearing.

load flint
You retrieve a shoulder powderhorn from your weathered canvas duffle bag and carefully load some powder from it into your steel-barreled flintlock, then stow the shoulder powderhorn.
Roundtime: 3 seconds.

load flint
You retrieve a lead shot from your weathered canvas duffle bag and load it into your steel-barreled flintlock.

fire dumm
You pull the trigger of your steel-barreled flintlock.
You fire a lead shot at an animated training dummy!
Ranged: 108 vs Dodge: 100
Roundtime: 1 second.
You can LOOK at the flintlock to see whether it is loaded with powder or shot:
l flint
You see nothing particularly unusual about the steel-barreled flintlock.
It is loaded with powder.
It is loaded with a lead shot.
The lore compels me!

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