Infirmary buys herbs

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Infirmary buys herbs

Postby Rias » Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:31 pm

Hildibrand's infirmary has run low on their stock of medicinal herbs. Consequently, Hildibrand will now pay anyone who is kind enough to SELL him medicinal herbs to restock his stores.

Medicinal herbs can be FORAGEd out in the wilderness. You may SURVEY an area to see what you might find there by foraging, but note that SURVEY is not perfect and you may miss things. The current medicinal herbs to be found are only emberberries and fraer root, but more will be added over time as the world grows.

Note that you can put all the herbs into a single container and APPRAISE or SELL that container to consider all applicable herbs inside, rather than taking each out one at a time and selling them individually.
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