News: Infestation Invasion

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News: Infestation Invasion

Post by Rias » Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:30 pm

Shadgard was attacked today by what appeared to be fungus-infested invaders. Their bodies were covered with grotesque fungal growths, and they seemed to shamble more than walk. Some appeared mindless, some acted as though half-mad, fighting strange compulsions, and many seemed to be attacking townsfolk against their own will, as if they did not wish to commit the atrocities they were performing.

It has been concluded, from what has been heard of their rantings and ramblings as they shambled toward the town, that their goal was to get into the town and spread the infestation. With the assistance of some brave newcomers to the town, the invaders were beaten back, and the invasion stopped before any of the infested carriers could get into the town proper. However, there was then an assassination attempt on Mayor Dannal. Thanks to the quick action of Udemi Ranger Kian, the assassination was not successful, and Elemancer Nootau and Dwaedn warrioress Evelyn showed up in time to drive off the assassin.

The infested assassins seemed much more in control and alert than their shambling companions, and were very capable with their daggers, exploiting the chinks in any victim's armor. After much chasing and with the assistance of Templar Mildena and Monk Gad, the assassins were at last driven from town.

Mayor Dannal is expected to bestow honors to those who risked their lives in the defense of Shadgard in the next few days, though his primary concern is deciding what is to be done in reaction to this sudden invasion. In the meantime, town herbalist Hildibrand has encouraged citizens to make sure they eat a good deal of emberberries each day, hoping their unique nutrients and vitamins will help prevent any potential infestation that may afflict the townsfolk.

"We need good foragers now more than ever," said herbalist Hildibrand. "We've never dealt with something quite like this before, but I'm sure the chance for disease is very real, having had just a glance at the infested attackers. Emberberries are an excellent preemptive measure to just about any malady I've come across, keeping the body healthy and bolstered against disease. We encourage people to emulate the actions of our most recent herbalism enthusiast Evelyn, without whose efforts our stores would have run dry long ago. Go out there and forage up all that you can!"
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