Clocktower/Belltower mix-up

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Clocktower/Belltower mix-up

Post by Rias » Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:54 pm

Psst. Hey. It seems like there was a little mix-up with the clocktower that ended up in the Shadgard canyon. As those who were involved in the project (or saw the various town board announcements and/or witnessed the NPC appearances in regards to the event) know, it was supposed to be a bell tower only (that is to say, just a bell and no clock) and was supposed to go atop Town Hall, in the center of town. It was also supposed to be built 100% by Shadgard citizens, using citizen-donated materials, and all that "We Are Shadgardians, See What We Can Do" jazz. Because of that, a clocktower wasn't a possibility - nobody in Shadgard knows how to build a clock tower and all that complex machinery required to make one work.

From what I understand, the clocktower that ended up in the canyon was sort of rushed in there to tie that little event up, and while the effort was well-meaning, there was obviously a misunderstanding as to the event details. So I hope people will accept the quick fix - the clocktower has been removed from the canyon, and the bell tower added to Town Hall.

I hope the top donators from that project will enjoy a little recognition via the inscription on the bell.
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Re: Clocktower/Belltower mix-up

Post by Makkah » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:02 pm


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