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Gambler's Roadhouse Build Site

Post by Jirato » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:29 pm

Observant travelers may notice that the Saucy Templar north of Shadgard has been demolished. There is a tent and signage nearby that may be of interest.

(This is where I'm planning to eventually release the gambling den that's been planned for the past year and a half. With all the turmoil lately with the Mistviel Dominion and all that, I know there's been a lot of attacks on construction out in the wilderness. Just so y'all know, this is unaffiliated and I do kinda want this thing to happen, so I'd appreciate it if folks didn't try to burn it down or slaughter the guards inside the tent and what not. Trust me, the proprietors are not evil, they just want all your riln.)
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