Trading Post Bug #15611

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Trading Post Bug #15611

Post by Nobody » Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:27 am

When ordering multiple items at once from the trading post using either order now x N or order custom and then ordering a custom amount larger than 1 I have gotten the following results:
1. If I have insufficient riln on hand, the transaction fails and nothing happens. (I receive the message: You don't have enough riln to pay for that.)
Example: I have 5 trade items worth 2 or more riln in my right hand container and no riln, and I try to buy 5 bandages.

2. If I have sufficient riln on hand, but no trade goods in my right hand container, I get a message that the transaction has completed successfully, but no riln is taken and no items are received.
Example: I have 10 riln, no items in right hand container and I try to buy 5 bandages.

3. If I have sufficient riln and sufficient trade goods, the transaction is made successfully, the trade goods are removed and the items are received, but the message indicates that riln was paid instead of items given.
Example: I have 10 riln and 5 items worth 2 or more riln each and I try to buy 5 bandages.

4. If I have sufficient riln and some trade goods, but not enough, I get a fail message for each item I don't have enough goods for and then a success message stating that I've paid riln and received my items.
Example: I have 10 riln and 3 items worth 2 or more riln each and I try to buy 5 bandages. Here I would receive the you don't have enough trade goods message twice and the successful transaction message once.

Whenever this gets looked at, I would also like to put in a request that the barter system be made a little more generous if possible. Presently trying to buy 2 bandages (4 riln) with a piece of meat (5 riln) will result in buying 1 bandage, giving 1 piece of meat, and receiving nothing else (though I don't think that's a bug at this point). Thank you!

Edit: Quietly editing to redact the above request. Careful introspection has revealed that it's probably a good amount of code for very little pay off (the riln difference will be small for most players and when it isn't the reason is likely, as it is for me, due to RP contraints applied to the character by the player. And RP constraints enable hard mode, because hard mode is hard, and thus rewarding).

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