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Bug Reporting

Post by Rias » Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:39 am

The procedure we'd like folks to follow for bug reporting is:

A) Use the BUG verb in-game. The syntax is: bug [bug info]

For example: bug Yesterday I could go through the door in this room to get to a shop, but today the door seems to have disappeared.

The BUG verb will report the name of the character submitting the bug, the time, and the room the character is in, along with the bug info the character provides.

B) If the bug is particularly complex or difficult to explain, or you're expecting a response to the bug report (rather than staff just silently fixing it and moving on), use the BUG verb in-game to give a basic report about the bug, then come here and post about the bug in detail on this board.
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