channeling/casting working while stunned

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channeling/casting working while stunned

Postby Sneaky » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:56 pm

You move a foot behind Tamsin's leg and shove with enough force to send her sprawling!
Tamsin falls to the ground!
Tamsin is stunned!
(energy -1)
Large drops of water circle around Tamsin's hands.
end roundtime
A blast of scouring water expands outward from Tamsin!
You are struck by the expanding ring of scouring water!
You fall to the ground!
You are stunned for 5 seconds!
You can't do that while lying down.
You can't do that while stunned!
Tamsin no longer appears stunned.
You've managed to blink the water clear of your eyes.
I don't think this is suppose to be possible. Let me know if I'm wrong though.
[FROM Liani (OOC)]: It's an ice cream conehead
You also notice a bronze crossbow bolt (x8) and the corpse of a slender pale white cave drakolin.

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