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Web-Based Bug Tracker

Post by Jirato » Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:17 pm

I've made the decision to open up our web-based bug tracker to the public. You can view it at http://clok.contrarium.net/mantis.

The Issue ID listed in Mantis is unique to the Mantis Bug Tracker system and is not the same as the BUG ID seen in-game when you submit a bug report. If you click on an existing issue to see more information, the "Bug ID (In_Game)" field can be used to match it up with an in-game BUG ID. The identify of the character that submitted the report will not be visible, to prevent the possibility of leaking sensitive information such as guild affiliation or other types of character status.

Please keep in mind it is not a complete view of the BUG database. Each bug entered there is manually entered from the information provided in-game. Bug reports containing sensitive information may be marked as private, and will not be viewable to non-GM users. Just because your bug report isn't listed doesn't mean it hasn't been acknowledge or isn't being worked on.
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