Geomancy Pseudo-Prospecting

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Geomancy Pseudo-Prospecting

Post by Tenoji » Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:07 am

(Not sure if this should go here or under elemancy. Plus I don't play an elemancer so take everything I say with a handful of salt)

So this crossed my mind while pouring through the wiki, and observing some things in game by proxy. My assumption is that with geomancy channels open, an elemancer can essentially boost their survey when in a mine. I imagine performing this and mining at the same time would be impossible, but it would be interesting if Geomancers had a tag-team ability that worked like the artisan prospecting. When working alongside a miner, they can guide them towards a specific vein. The miner's skill in extracting/revealing the vein would come into play for the actual mining process, on top of an overall increased roundtime to account for the teamwork taking place.

Not sure how much of a pain that would be to code. But I especially like the teamwork aspect of it.

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