University Dormitories

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University Dormitories

Post by Rias » Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:24 am

The University of Elemancy is now equipped with dormitories for use by its students. Students can safely store items in or on the various furniture inside the dormitory, but items left on the floor WILL BE TAKEN BY THE JANITOR.

These dormitories are instanced to each student. The only way for others to get into your dorm is for them to be in your group when you go down the corridor that leads to the student dorms.

To get to the dorms, go through the portal in the Chamber of Winds, north twice to the Student Common Room, then go into the corridor leading to the dorms. The University layout is currently just patched-together as things are added - it will eventually be reorganized to have a floorplan that makes a bit more sense.
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