Ability Request: Generalist

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Ability Request: Generalist

Post by qinweiqi » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:52 am

An ability that allows an additional path to non-mastery:

Prerequisite Abilities:
Aeromancy: Apprentice
Geomancy: Apprentice
Hydromancy: Apprentice
Pyromancy: Apprentice

Prerequisite skills:
Aeromancy (600)
Geomancy (600)
Hydromancy (600)
Pyromancy (600)

You've chosen the path of the dabbler, and lose access to all Elemancy: Master abilities, but can obtain journeyman rank in all 4 elements.

Alternatively, adjust the above to Generalist: Journeyman (3 Journeyman classes, 0 mastery) and also add Generalist: Master (requires 1000 in all elemancy skills and Generalist: Journeyman, and unlocks the 4th journeyman ability.
It would be fairly arbitrary either way, but adding a prerequisite of two and three journeyman abilities respectively could also be done.

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