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Post by Makkah » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:01 pm

I had a few thoughts here...

First of all, as per the title, wondering if some of the combos could add a self-cast option to add the effects. A prime example would be geo-hydro to add the muddy effect. All I think of is Arnold in Predator covering himself in mud to add a stealth effect (yes, I know it was due to body temperature with the Predator, but other movies have people mudding up to hide from baddies!). Another could be a pyro self effect to add a heating element (pun!) in cold weather. AID for aero and hydro could be swapped over to this "buff" system, also.

Also, are there any empty ele-ele-ele combos that might add to this idea? I haven't quite gotten far enough for multi-element weave (SADFACE) to really experiment.

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