Ability Idea: Elemantic Defense

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Ability Idea: Elemantic Defense

Post by criticalfault » Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:40 pm

So what has be kind of off a bit when i began to think about a group of elemancers doing battle is realistically, its all going to be resolved in the same fashion.

The first elemancer to get off a stunning nova is the victor, so anyone in any conflict is going to reach for hydro or aero nova without hesitation. This got me thinking that perhaps elemancers who are using shields could have a chance to deflect incoming novas at the cost of extra energy?

If that sounds too uber, perhaps you'd have to to have corresponding or chinks in the shield. Setting up a kind of cross referencing chart.

Water Shield blocks Pyro-nova and Hydro-nova
Pyro shield blocks Pyro-nova and hydro-nova
Geo shield blocks Aero nova and Geo noa

That way you'd have to change elements quickly and bring up and drop shields in order to keep from being knocked over. It also would make for a sorta neato Certamen system!
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