Question about joining this guild

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Question about joining this guild

Post by Oasis » Sat Dec 26, 2020 2:59 pm

Hi there.

I've just started playing the game, have only had over 24 hours of play time. Been enjoying myself and mostly enjoyed group battle with a hunting party.
Am very interested in this guild and i'd enjoy submitting to its laws and regulations.
had a few questions:
1. Per the topic stickied, do i need to send an application for the guild? The topic is a few years old but i thought i asked. If yes, when am i able to send one? Do i need to have more experience and skills in the game?
2. Can new players join this guild at all?
3. I've started to roleplay catered to this guild but i can't find any knights or pretty much anyone to roleplay with as most seem to be busy with raising skills and earning riln and such. Do i keep building up my character's personality as i go and try to roleplay regardless, anyway?
Thanks for any help.

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