Dorm Corridor

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Dorm Corridor

Post by Aleesia » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:38 am

I noticed when I go into the corridor it automatically brings me to a dorm. What about a long corridor with various dorms listed as homes like on the streets. How you have your setting, then the "homes". Although instead of "homes" it would be listed as "dorms". Does that make any sense? I'm not that good at explaining things.

[Church of Light, Corridor] [semiarid]
Rough burnished clay walls line on either side of you, extending out into a long corridor. Various light oak doors line the walls, numbers placed on the doors. On the side of each door is a lantern mounted onto the wall, lighting the room with poor light.
The dim light lessens your vision slightly. A few people are milling about the area. The area is mostly quiet.
There are some dorms here

You see the following dorms here:

a small dorm (No. 1, unoccupied)
a medium-sized dorm (No. 2, unoccupied)
a small dorm (No. 3, unoccupied)
a large dorm (No. 4, occupied)
a medium-sized dorm (No. 5, unoccupied)
a large dorm (No. 6, unoccupied)

"open 1"
You open a light oak door No. 1

"go 1"

[Church of Light, Living Cell] [semiarid]
This narrow, cramped cell has been carved from reddish-orange stone. At the far end of the chamber is a thinly-padded cot, a large wooden trunk at its foot. Closer to the entryway door are a small square table and a single chair. A very narrow walking space along the wall allows just enough room to reach any of the amenities. No window or skylight allow for natural lighting, though a single torch mounted in a sconce on the wall may provide some illumination.
You have trouble seeing in the low light. The area is completely silent.
You also notice a important notice nailed to the door.
Obvious exits: out.

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Post by Rias » Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:51 pm

This could be nice, but would require significantly more effort to set up. Not a bad idea by any means, but not something I'd prioritize.

That said, the living cells are supposed to be extremely small and cramped. I wouldn't likely allow bringing someone else into a cell with you anyway, as there wouldn't be much room in there.

Huh, are they really not marked as indoor and showing the climate? Oops.
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