Qs about Blade Slap and Arrow Deflection

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Qs about Blade Slap and Arrow Deflection

Post by Nootau » Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:48 pm

Qs applied to both...

1) What is the energy cost block or deflect an attack?

Qs applied to Blade Slap...

1) If hands are light weapons, what kind of parry rate does it have, I am trying to see what weapons it would relate to.

Qs applied to Arrow Deflection...

1) If someone is unarmed do they get two deflection chances as if they used a two shields or do they only get one?
2) Is the deflection rate based on a Ranged Accuracy vs a Parry Rate of Brawling or is it based on something else such as a flat chance rather than a contested roll?
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