Casting Circles

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Casting Circles

Post by KianTheArcher » Thu May 17, 2012 5:57 pm

Magical Geometry

Magic is, according to most theories, simply the manifestation of one's will in an energy field, which allows one to incite changes in reality. One of the ways Elemancers makes achieving this manifesation easier is through the use of magical staves. However, geometry can also be used to enhance one's channeling, or to create new magical effects that cannot be obtained through standard channeling practices.

Enhanced Channeling

Energy flows naturally, seeking pathways to follow, as nearly everything does. The nature of things, typically, is for reality to work in ways that are most easy. With this thought, Magical Circles were born. First discovered by the Elemancers, who have the most knowledge and use of Magical Geometry, it was discovered that Elemancy could be performed with more ease by the creation of "circles". Circles, however, is simply the common phrase for any geometrical array to assist in the channeling of magic. Certain Elemancies, such as Hydromancy, do in fact make extensive use of circular patterns, whereas Geomancy tends to make use of angular patterns.

Regardless of the exact patterns used, the use of Geometry for magic working was quickly discovered by other users and studied, creating a wider range of tactical possibilities in terms of both combat, and non combat, uses.

A new skill that determines the success or failure of creating a Magical Circle, and how effective the circle is.

Mechanical Notes

Basically, this is a cool idea I thought up, and I'm not 100% of how it should be implemented. The way I imagine it being implemented is that ANY magical caster (except for maybe Udemi/Utasa and Assassins) can create a magical "circle" in a room. This takes a set period of time (I'm thinking anywhere from 25 seconds to a full minute), and essentially gives the caster a free channel while they are in the room. However, upon leaving the room (or being forced out) the channel drops instantly, and the circle dissolves. This would NOT stack with the Elemancer staff/wand channels.

The general idea behind this is to allow for a little more tactical play, make casting a bit easier given preparation (and the willingness to grind Geometry). I also think that maybe each time one casts using a circle, it should degrade it. The more well crafted a circle is, the more uses one gets out of it. Similarly, the more poorly a circle is created, there's a chance that it refuses to function.
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