Quarantine borders and infested in Tatlhuecan

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Quarantine borders and infested in Tatlhuecan

Post by Orris » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:19 pm

We came up with some questions today, or at least could use some clarifications.

Is Sirak Drauth quarantined? It's in the red section of the map on the wiki but it sounds like it's closed off from the rest of Lost Lands.

Is Tatlhuecan quarantined? I understood it was but there was still trade, with complications. I thought it was mentioned in a post years and years ago but I might be remembering wrong.

Are there infested in Tatlhuecan? I thought there were and that's why the empire split into three from the history part of the wiki page. "Originally unified as a single nation, the Huec empire was shattered when the priesthood body unanimously disagreed with the Necuametl, but the priesthood itself was split exactly in half regarding the issue. The issue at hand was the increasing presence and spread of the resen infestation." Some other people understood that to be more general which makes sense, like it was concerning infested everywhere and not just Tatlhuecan, which makes sense. But are there infested actually in Tatlhuecan itself?

Thanks for anything that can be answered!
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Re: Quarantine borders and infested in Tatlhuecan

Post by Rias » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:21 am

Sirak Drauth and Tatlhuecan are both within the boundaries of the Quarantine, yes.

Sirak Drauth and Karnath (where the Hillfolk come from) are both generally considered "clean" areas of the Quarantine, as they're both mostly cut off from the beleaguered area of the Lost Lands and don't seem to have any notable resen, nethrim, or canim presence. Sirak Drauth has a nice big mountain range between them and the Lost Lands, and they patrol their border extremely diligently. The Hillfolk have the Fey Forest between them and the southern Lost Lands: a large, dense forest known for its perils and generally deemed impossible to traverse (and live to tell about it, at least).

The kingdom of Lapis, while not considered a clean zone, enjoys trade with the outside due to their region having less infested/canim/nethrim presence than the rest of the Lost Lands, mostly due to their extreme views on ridding the lands of such things (and they've had a lot of success in cleaning up their little kingdom).

The western kingdom of Tezcapetl in Tatlhuecan enjoys some limited trade with the outside (they're the ones with coastal access), but not as much as Sirak Drauth, Karnath, or even Lapis. Customs are extremely complicated and strict, because Tatlhuecan is indeed populated by infested. Being mostly jungle and swamp, it's well-suited for the resen to inhabit. The Huecs, in general, aren't much concerned with the world outside their valley. The event described in their history relates to infested presence in Tatlhuecan itself. The central Huec kingdom of Namacupetl views infestation as a sort of blessing of both Toteoh and Teonanacatl, and often embrace it, or at the least happily live alongside it. It can be assumed that a large portion of their kingdom is made up of infested, and it's one of the extremely rare cases where infested live harmoniously with non-infested. Tezcapetl, the western kingdom which has access to the coast, is completely opposed to the resen, believing that it is a threat that is too dangerous to be allowed to survive and should be eradicated completely. Because of this, their region is more clear of infestation than the other two Huec kingdoms, but not completely so. I always imagined a large Tse Gaiyan presence and effort there. The eastern kingdom of Huemapetl believes the resen should be allowed to exist in balance with other life, but go to siginifcant efforts to see it contained, lest it grow out of control.
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