Ebon Pass weather, perfectly normal

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Ebon Pass weather, perfectly normal

Post by Jirato » Thu May 26, 2016 5:54 pm

Just so everyone knows, there's nothing supernatural intended about the weather in Ebon Pass. It is modeled after an actual mountain pass in a location I'd rather not disclose, but lets just say that the weather pattern is currently pretty normal. So, as entertaining I find rumors of an evil frost giant taking over the pass being, I have to squish that now before it gets out of hand. That definitely wouldn't be kosher with our lore.

FYI, the weather configuration for Ebon Pass was originally configured in November 2014.

Here is the historical temperature for May 2015:

Code: Select all

  	Max 	Avg 	Min 	Sum
Max Temperature 	57 °F 	42 °F 	26 °F
Mean Temperature 	47 °F 	36 °F 	24 °F
Min Temperature 	37 °F 	31 °F 	21 °F
And June 2015:

Code: Select all

  	Max 	Avg 	Min 	Sum
Max Temperature 	73 °F 	61 °F 	46 °F
Mean Temperature 	63 °F 	54 °F 	42 °F
Min Temperature 	57 °F 	46 °F 	37 °F
So yeah, it's a bit chilly right now. But, I mean, it is a mountain pass and all.
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Re: Ebon Pass weather, perfectly normal

Post by Bryce » Fri May 27, 2016 8:29 am

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