General Wiki Updates - Lore and Information on the Wiki

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General Wiki Updates - Lore and Information on the Wiki

Post by Kiyaani » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:36 pm

I've been noticing a lot of blank links on the wiki of late as I peruse it in my boredom. Some of these haven't been touched since I started playing ages ago. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to try and fill these out. It might take some digging with the Lore Hermit or a GM volunteer. The ones I'm particularly interested in are all related to Immortals, their backstories, and their general information:

I included a page those can be found from with the hopes updating one will update all should the page actually be filled:

Atros - Immortals page
Madrim - Immortals page
Gaea - Immortals page
Great Bear Spirit - Immortals page
Iardisl - Immortals page
Destiny Owleyes - Immortals page
Jonathan Crowhaven - Immortals page
Aengels - Immortals page
Sincubi - Kebyet page
Amato - Kebyet page
Dwaedn Vil - Reykvargr or Dwaedn Wyr pages
Serafim - Undm page
Serafina's Aengels (possibly same as Aengels) - Undm page
Abyss - Verungnr's page
Tatlhuecan - Teonanacatl page
Toteoh - Naia page
Mountain Giants - Mountain Father page
Shethsut - Blood God page
Cerubim - Aphraen page
Temicotli - Aphraen page

A full list of all the affected links regardless of origin can be found here: ... antedPages

I do realize some of these you may want to keep more mysterious than others. If that's the case, would it be possible to remove the links in them and just leave the basic descriptions on the pages they're referenced on? That way people won't be wondering why the page/link is blank. Alternatively, add a message saying more information can be found in-game or something.

On an unrelated note - would it be possible to get more maps added to the maps page? I have a lot of areas memorized from playing so long, but it's still nice to have a full visual reference for some places - especially towns where trainers and buildings matter.

If anyone else sees stuff they want added or changed with the wiki, please feel free to post it. Feedback always welcome. Also, if the staff is seeking a volunteer to try and write up some of these pages, I'd be happy to do it as long as you're happy to be pestered for information and edits.

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Re: General Wiki Updates - Lore and Information on the Wiki

Post by Marauder » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:15 pm

I've been wanting to fill some of these out, but I don't have the proper information. If someone wants to make the maps, they can send them to me and I'll upload and post them upon the appropriate page on the wiki.

I've also offered to help with more specific wiki edits if a GM wanted to assist, but nobody's really taken it up yet.

As the primary maintenance dood on the wiki right now, I would appreciate help with some pages.

P.S. The reason I say if someone else wants to is because I'm bad with making maps.

P.P.S. When I say "primary", I mean I'm the only one working on it lately. I really could use an extra pair of hands or two to help spot and clean some pages.

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