New Ability: Chameleon

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Re: New Ability: Chameleon

Post by lin » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:44 am

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Re: New Ability: Chameleon

Post by Fayne » Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:31 am

Rias wrote:A handful of buildings in a room is enough to be considered an "urban" area, for CLOK purposes. I'm frankly not sure why druidry is cut off just because an area is tagged as urban - I thought it was due to a lack of things like forest/grass/foliage/etc. Because in an "urban" area like Keth or Emleth or Ashdell or Westbrook, I could absolutely see druidry working just fine. Might be worth a re-consider, if this is really the way it works. (Obviously I don't use druidry very often.)
Yeah, I've always been a little confused by urban areas and not being able to use druidry. The different abilities being blocked all seem to conflict. Tangleroot can work anywhere there is enough foliage (or underground, but not everywhere underground, it's picky), chameleon only seems to work in non-urban environments, stave-to-staff works anywhere, anytime, as does Druidic Connection, and Summon Mount works only in the wilderness. Some abilities suggest druidic abilities only work whenever the material required to use it is present (tangleroot and stave-to-staff), but other seem to imply that it requires a certain amount of "natural" environment (chameleon). I personally think Chameleon should be able to work anywhere, since just like Stave-to-Staff, the thing you're targetting is actually there and present, with physical contact in the case of clothing and leather armor. It probably wouldn't be as effective, since natural camouflage doesn't exactly work in man-made environments, and might actually make you atamd out more if you're really unlucky, but I think it should still work just the same.
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