Recognition Points

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Recognition Points

Post by faylen » Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:05 pm

Thinking about this, I honestly can't remember if this was brought up elsewhere here or on skype, so I apologize ahead of time if I am rehashing something.

Right now, the Udemi have only one thing that I know of where they can spend recognition points, and that is something small that is rarely used. I would love to see them more useful.

Some ideas that hopefully could be easily implemented:

A place other than the chapterhouse for the Udemi to purchase waybread and have that using recognition points, perhaps one of the guildmasters near to towns could sell them?
Allow points to be used instead of riln for some or all of the guild items at the chapterhouse.
Training skills at guild trainers using recognition points, I know that at least some guilds already do this and I love the idea.

Harder to implement but for the future perhaps the Udemi could be given a couple new spells or abilities that required special components which must be purchased using recognition points. Sort of a similar idea to how the traders can use points to get a one time pass to special areas.

I could brainstorm all kinds of things, but really just wanted to get the main thought out there. It's not really that I object to spending riln, Faylen can get riln fairly easily. It's more the idea of having all these recognition points and very little advantage to them.

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Re: Recognition Points

Post by xavier » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:41 pm

i'm in complete agreement with you, I have characters spanning many of the guilds available and there are only a couple of guilds who make ready use of the recognition points.

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Re: Recognition Points

Post by Lysse » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:53 pm

I believe that's done on purpose, though I could be mistaken. It wouldn't make sense for every guild to use recognition points.

That being said, it might make sense for the Udemi to have a few items here and there purchasable, like food, or minor reagents for spells (if/when tangleroot seeds are implemented for them, for instance).
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Re: Recognition Points

Post by Rias » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:29 pm

I'm not the guru, but as far as I'm aware Tse Gaiyan needs a significant amount of riln to operate. Unlike Dwaedn Wyr that's more of an elite club of individuals who don't really have any costs associated with their organization and activites (fighting stuff and bragging about it, earning the respect of ancestors and Animal Spirits through said fighting of stuff), Tse Gaiyan is a large-scale continent-wide operation with lots of efforts and activities that require funding, and I assume most of the people involved expect at least some payment for their life's dedication and services. They also have significant premises in multiple places which I imagine require maintenance and so forth.

I think they should require riln for training and for items in their shops, with some possible minor exceptions like Lysse mentioned (food items, possibly some minor reagents). It's my thought that not every guild needs a use for recognition points. Some use them and some don't, and I think that's okay. That doesn't mean I discourage suggestions, but I just want to dispel the idea that every guild should have semi-free stuff just because "hey, we have guild points, so we need stuff to spend them on."
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