Ability Idea: Sense Beast

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Ability Idea: Sense Beast

Post by Lysse » Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:27 pm

Sense Beast


Hibernate and Minor Taming

This spell has three major components to it. It's a self-cast 'buff' of sorts, that would do three things, and last somewhere in the realm of 5 minutes, with a bonus to the duration based on druidry.

The first is, when you look at a critter after casting Sense Beast on yourself, you have a chance (based on your druidry) of identifying it as a natural beast, or some manner of construct/monster/netrhim based thing that isn't part of the normal Gaea. It would have no special advantages to detecting anything Resen based, so a dog infested by the Resen, would still show up as being a beast. It would also be nice if there was a second check in place, that gave you a chance to identify what type of beast it was, for the purpose of tracking and foot prints (canine, equine, etc.).

The second major thing, would be that it would temporarily lower aggression in wild animals, on a limited basis and to the caster only. So when cast, it would give you between 5-20 seconds (randomly determined, per animal) in a room with an aggressive animal before the animal attacked. It would not work on certain things, like Drakolin, animals that have been Tamed and are fighting you, or animals that have been recently attacked by you.

The final major component, would be the ability to sense when a natural beast sneaks into a room. I'm unsure of how, exactly, the Mummer's mindsense works, but I figure this could work on a similar level, perhaps with a chance to point out where the beast is in the room.
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