Utass Copy Tasks

The agent branch of Tse Gaiyan.
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Utass Copy Tasks

Post by Fayne » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:23 pm

So, I had an idea for the special task Utasa get currently. As it stands, an Utasa breaks into a generated NPC house, finds a book or parchment, copies it over, then takes the copy to a taskmaster. I understand where the secret agent thing can come in here, but honestly, without wavebending to help make you super secret about it, it really just feels like being a glorified information thief. So, I had a couple of ideas to help make them seem more like secret agents with this one task alone.

First idea: Leave the task as it is now, but occassionally send them to an NPC of a different guild to turn the task in. Tse Gaiyan has to pay its bills somehow, and what better way than renting out an Utasa or two on occassion to steal information for another guild? This could easily be a way to start future events sometimes, and this would really justify why everyone distrusts Utasa rather than "Oh, you know, stuff that happened years ago."

Second idea: Occassionally require (or just make it an optional task) that an Udemi also be present when recieving the task, and assign them both to it. The Utasa could go get the info, copy it down, give it to the Udemi, and the Udemi could then take the information to stop a group of infested (specially spawned or just simply "kill X amount in Y area).

And I admit I started this post this morning, left it, then came back to it just now and don't quite remember if I had any other ideas. At any rate, those are good suggestions for now.
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Re: Utass Copy Tasks

Post by Elystole » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:44 pm

Fayne wrote:it really just feels like being a glorified information thief.
So... it feels like being an Utasa?
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Re: Utass Copy Tasks

Post by Lavi » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:11 pm

Well, as of right now Utasa aren't even glorified information thieves really, we're kind of between things, but Vinz says he's working on it.
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