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Personal workshops

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:23 pm
by Xyra
I think the ability to set up personal workshops in our homes would be quite entertaining. I don't think being able to have everything for every craft would be viable, but a worktable and a rack for leatherworking (along with a barrel to store a ton of tanning solution maybe) would be viable. Or a lapidary wheel with worktable. A smelter might be a bit beyond home friendly, but an anvil with a small heating forge and barrel of water should be doable.

This doesn't have to be artisan exclusive, I just thought I'd put it here since they'd likely have the most interest in it. It would prevent having to pay the handful or riln to work on stuff, but would have a substantial up front cost, so I don't think it would mess with game balance or anything particularly much.

I think it would be a nice ability to personalize your house some, show that an artisan is particularly dedicated to their craft, or any craftsman is.

With the discussed addition of higher quality workshops for Artisans (or I remember something along those lines) maybe something analogous to that could be purchased as well, though no doubt at a hefty price. And perhaps require monthly maintenance by someone from the guild, preventing someone who leaves the guild keeping it, and allowing some continuous financial drain to replace the lack of fees if desired.

Re: Personal workshops

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:04 pm
by Solaje
There were a few of these items auctioned off at the Grummer festival one year. I remeber one had to do with leatherworking. Someone who cares about crafting will remember better than I.

Re: Personal workshops

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:15 pm
by Lysse
I don't care for this idea, from a balanced perspective and from an RP perspective. Balancewise, if you say "It costs X riln to purchase this thing that's cool", chances are a PC will be able to achieve X riln relatively easily. Which means we end up with a whole lot of personal workshops, which removes the point of the workshop fee in the first place.

From an RP PoV, most of your homes aren't going to be suitable to housing any of the crafts, really. Tanning leather is a smelly business, and would stink up the place. A forge would leave all sorts of soot and ash all about the place, even a small one. As well as be a fire hazard in most instances.

Re: Personal workshops

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:54 am
by Xyra
That's why I suggested the possible need of monthly maintenance, or some other form of it. Perhaps you have to get logs or coal or something to stoke the forge. Maybe you need to get a new stone for the lapidary wheel every so often. I'm sure other things could be thought of. It would allow for a drain of resources to help maintain balance, though I imagine some of the heavy craftspeople would still end up paying slightly less overall.

And as to everyone having it, I suppose you could limit it to Artisans, as it makes the most sense for them, but it doesn't necessarily make all that much sense that they're the only ones that can have a giant hunk of metal on which to shape other hunks of metal.

As for RP, I was thinking more of a small separate room either free standing from the house or only accessible from the yard to keep it apart. This is actually how a large number of craftsman in the old days did thing. They didn't want an hour commute from home to their place of work any more than people do today.

Re: Personal workshops

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:02 am
by Lun
It's been a while since this was mentioned, so I just wanted to put it on record for future Artisans combing through the forums for information. Although there's no such thing as an in-home workshop (homes are for living in, workshops are for working in. Commute!) Artisans have access to craft workshops they can rent from inside the guild building. They're found next to their respective training masters, i.e. a lapidary workshop you can rent next to the lapidary master, a blacksmithing workshop you can rent next to the blacksmithing master, and a leatherworking workshop you can rent next to the leatherworking master.

They're daily rentals that you pay for similar to an inn room and have storage and functional workshop necessities. You can find them inside your coalition headquarters. Best of luck, Artisans!