Rook Parlour secrecy and soul retrieval?

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Rook Parlour secrecy and soul retrieval?

Post by Vitello » Thu May 09, 2019 3:06 am

So I have this concern about the Rook's level of secrecy (and effective rarity) will impact soul retrievals. Am I wrong, am I missing a method, general thoughts and advice?
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Re: Rook Parlour secrecy and soul retrieval?

Post by TheCacklackian » Thu May 09, 2019 9:03 pm

Do you mean in regards to player characters? Or Npcs? Both?
Npc rook retrievals are located in certain areas, when it comes to player characters, given the rank you have to be to use rook retrievals, the amount of sorcery you have to have to unlock the ability, I would assume(very possibly wrongly) that not many player character rooks can actually use soul retrieval yet. I would see soul retrieval as an ability for rooks who play a more healer role with herbalism and such to bring (probably only people they trust) back from the dead from an ic standpoint. Most rook ablities aren't something people would go running around using in public. I don't think they are suppose to be common place.
That's just my two sense on it though, I could be wrong about a lot of this!

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