Marketing Speech - Islet

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Marketing Speech - Islet

Post by Lun » Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:19 am

"Craftsmen, survivalists, and friends thereof," Islet begins, looking out at the crowd gathered in the Founder's Square at Haiban, "Today, I intend to educate you on the the concept of a 'supply chain'."

"The problem with ordering products from skilled blacksmiths is that single orders often take excessive amounts of time, and the resulting product costs exorbitant amounts as a result of forcing a single Artisan or craftsman to complete the order. The craftsman takes on the entire process, from resource gathering, smelting, forging, to final touches." With a flourish of his hands, Islet throws a thick mist into the air. Summoning rough figurines out of rock, Islet hovers a small grouping of geomantically summoned ore, a figure of an anvil, and a blacksmith with his shoulders slumped over above his head, the three figures rotating around one another in a clockwise manner.

"This inefficiency would be easily resolved with the creation of a supply chain. What is a 'supply chain'? A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Supply chain activities involve the transformation of natural resources, raw materials, and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer. By allowing craftsmen to offload work onto others, customers can receive their products quicker, and blacksmiths can forge more things, thereby mastering their craft faster." Islet continues by separating the three figurines apart from one another, the blacksmith golem perking up as his workload lightens. "To be honest, this system already exists. It's found in all of the shops you see around you, who source materials from the marketplace to create their wares at a lower price, available rapidly."

"Yes, purchasing resources does take riln. You might think of it as a loss on income, but rather than spending additional unnecessary hours gathering ores and ingots for crafting for each other, you could save your own precious man-hours by spending riln. Is your time worth less than your money?" Islet asks the crowd. "I am sure that many of you account for your time, which is much more valuable than the cost of a market rated ore, in your billing. By connecting suppliers and manufacturers directly, you can bypass the necessity of visiting the marketplace." Islet pauses for a moment to let the booing subside. "For every direct supplier to manufacturer, there will always be dozens more taking an interim at the marketplace."

"Even in a relationship where the customer and the craftsman is one and the same, wouldn't you rather desire your crafts done faster? If you wished to better your skill at knapping, do you really need to be a master miner?" Islet continues, "No! It's an unnecessary waste of your valuable time."

"My company, the Lightning Trading Company, is one of the pioneers of this concept. But it doesn't have to begin and end with only us. I intend to work alongside craftsmen of every trade, of every association. And I encourage all suppliers to consider offering your services likewise, or to contact us for opportunities to expand your range of business. You can reach us by mailing me, Islet. Like a bolt of lightning, your work will be completed in a flash!" Islet concludes his presentation, and with an elaborate flourish, bows. The figure of the blacksmith bows alongside him, before the entire presentation dissipates, as if it never existed. Islet bows again, and walks away.

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