Corvus gossip. (About Vitello)

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Corvus gossip. (About Vitello)

Post by Vitello » Wed May 22, 2019 5:26 am

Murky's Pub

Ving the debtor : A gaunt young man with black hair, brown eyes and tan skin.

Logger Korthan : A burly older man with with brown eyes and fungus for hair. Bronzed skin.

Ving sighs to himself before taking a swig from his tarnished tankard; "I can afford a drink or two, this seasonal work with Gler ain't bad... doubt he'll need an extra stable hand when the snows come and travel dies down. What about you Korthan?"

Korthan lifts a leather cap off his head to briefly scratch at his moldy scalp. Mold dusted fingers picking up a shot glass and throwing it back. "The rain has been keeping the tree spiders calm lately. Vitello has been trying to low ball me on a logging contract. Says he is trying to get us a donation depot like the other towns have... make us 'respectable'", the symbiant informs with a roll of his dark brown eyes.

Ving snorts and slaps a hand on the table. "Hah that is rich! He was in the housing office just the other week making a royal arse of himself over his 'precious storehouse' and now he expects the clerk to work with him on placing and building a depot?!" the gaunt fellow's chest heaving with suppressed laughter.

Korthan shrugs and waves for the attention of bar maid. "It could work... Vitello can throw around the riln to bribe.... and even if the clerk hates his black guts he can only make the Artisan squirm like a worm on a hook for so long before Winston hears his 'loyal subject' is trying to 'enrich this future city state'."

Ving grimaces and takes a swig of his tankard, wiping booze from his chin. "Bah he is an opportunist and a social climber. He was a lackey to Sceptus and now he is trying to perch himself to pucker up to Lord Winston's arse in the hopes of getting a title or some slice of the outpost."

"He has at least a couple people fooled into thinking if they work hard they can be more than some wretches hiding in a forgotten corner of the lost land" Korthan notes as he trades some riln for another drink. "He has been kinda preachy to, to the 'citizens' about service and standing together... not to mention all his fancy Grummer ideas of 'civil improvements'.

"Oh does he now? We'll have to laugh at those ideas later.... I got a dice game to get to", Ving states before chugging his drink and rising from the table.

"Oy, don't be losing everything again. Now that you're living here you've run out of places to hide from your debt collectors." Korthan notes sourly as he watches his comrade leave.
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