A Sign outside of Stone Canyon

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A Sign outside of Stone Canyon

Postby Lysse » Mon May 13, 2013 2:06 pm

Lysse had worked quickly yet carefully to construct the thing before her, a crude sign placed just to the left of the entrance of the Stone Canyon.

A large elm stave, the butt end sharpened to a point, had served as the post. She had carved the bark off of a split log, carving the words into it carefully. A gooey handful of warm resin, cooked up earlier, served as an adhesive, spread across one of the flat sides of the log. The bark was then pressed against the log, the message facing outwards so as to be easily read.

To secure the log against the stave, a notch was cut out of the back of the log using a sharp knife. The rest of the resin was spread in this channel, then the stave fitted into it, held in place until the resin hardened and held the stave securely. To make certain it would hold, two pieces of sinew were wrapped around the log and stave, forming an X across the front, tied in the back. She planted the sharp end in the ground, hammering it in place with the pommel of a knife.

"Maybe this will get the point across."

The sign bears a simple message:

Lands of the Hyra
Trespassers Beware

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Re: A Sign outside of Stone Canyon

Postby Avedri » Mon May 13, 2013 3:41 pm

The cloak figure walked by the elm stave and gave it a long, curious glance. With a "tsking" sound the humanoid rummaged quickly through a leather knapsack that draped tight on one side. After pulling out a torch and some firestones, the visage of the person was sheened in a vivid orange from the bright flame. They held the lit end of the torch up against the sign, cautious in there movements as to only blacken some of the sign.

The burnt totem now reads:

#T## #UT
Land# ## ### ####
##esp###### ##ware

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