Reporting Infested Activity

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Reporting Infested Activity

Post by baerden » Wed May 29, 2013 11:23 pm

A light breeze rushes by, catching your hair and filling your lungs with clean wilderness air. The stars above twinkle and sparkle, the moon glowing bright in the night sky.

Back in the forest. Finally, fresh air you think.

You set down a lit lantern on a nearby rock, and rummage in your trail pack for a quill and parchment. You stare off into the darkness lost in thought of todays events. Its time to make a report. You snap back into focus as your horse nuzzles you and swishes its tail.

You begin writing..



By the Viali Calendar, today is Knightsday, 30th day of May of the year 1213.
The time is approximately twelve bells post-zenith.

I encountered a larger than normal number of infestation on the Tarueka Woodland Trail. I had been tasked earlier with culling their numbers. After taking down a few of their numbers, I began hearing them communicate and rally towards my position. I hid as best I could, their numbers bearing down on me. An engagement with a clever infested poacher ensued, and I was forced to retreat to a small cave to care for my wounds.

While I was holed up in the cave I could hear them bellowing cries to find and trap me. All I could do was call for help and wait. A woman by the name of Eira, a healer, soon arrived to patch me up enough to escape. Unfortunately they tracked her to my location and surrounded the mouth of the cave we were in. We decided to make a run for it and the brave Eira was slain during our flight.

For some strange reason, these infested were keen on abducting her, for what sinister purpose, I do not know. I was slain in my escape and put out a call for assistance in rescuing her once i recovered. A trader by the name of Ardor, a mercenary by the name of Spearhead, and another unknown female arrived to my aid.

We went in and were harrassed as we made our way to Eiras last known position, only to be driven back time and time again. We finally found a group of infested barricaded in the cave I hid in previously.

The area was overwhelmed with never before a never before seen number of infested units. All cooperating to hunt us down. We fought our way clear after several sorties, and took Eira to a town known as Shadgard. As I attempted to leave I was apprehended. My cover in Shadgard appears to be blown.

Their rallying does not bode well with me and so I submit this report for further scrutiny in this matter by my superiors.

Signed by my hand,



You finish your report and stow away your writing utensils. Sore all over, you roll out your bedroll, and lay your aching body down for a good nights sleep. The last thoughts of urgency in delivering this letter to the Tse Gaiyan chapterhouse flee your mind as your slowly drift off into restful slumber.

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