From the Journal of Zeel: Unnatural Happenings

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From the Journal of Zeel: Unnatural Happenings

Post by Lun » Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:59 am

It's a blessing in disguise that my warhorse was returned to me unharmed, yet I feel it necessary to note down the strange event in which it occurred. I am used to my warhorse being taken in by stablehands for care, as forgetful as I am. However, the stablehand which I met today struck me as odd. Claiming to be from the Town of Tarueka, destroyed many years ago by a flood of Infested who spread their disease among the populace of Tarueka, he returned my warhorse to me at a significant portion of its cost--enough to purchase a horse of his own.

I've never known an infested to be so articulate, nor have so much reason as to have greed. When pressed on the topic of why an infested might need riln, he simply offered me a last chance at obtaining my warhorse back, and stated that he "had his reasons".

I have heard that some infested can maintain some smattering of control over their own senses by consuming emberberries and applying different types of herbs, weakening the Resen's grasp. I do not quite understand the connection here.

The remaining scribbles along the bottom of the page are nearly inarticulate, though you can make out a handful of hastily scribbled notes
Infested building up nest egg Warhorse not infected? STABLES

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