A brief ecological survey of shallow waters of Westbrook

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A brief ecological survey of shallow waters of Westbrook

Postby qinweiqi » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:04 am

I've decided to begin making public the results of my observations going forward. Recently, that is to say just prior to the new year, I spent a lovely day in Westbrook observing the fish that happened by the shallow waters there by the shore. I observed for about 5 bells and a chime, broken up between three sessions. I observed some 387 fish, broken down as follows, 167 mirrorscale carp (44 being smaller in size), 173 orange-striped perch, and 47 pale orange suckerfish. There was considerable variability in the time between spotting fish; I was sometimes able to spot two fish as close together as 3 seconds in passing, and once it was more than 5 minutes between spottings. In total, they swam by where I was observing about every 50 seconds, or roughly 74 fish per bell. However, as I was not catching that day, and have no way of clearly marking the fish (certainly not without disturbing them), I cannot conclude that all the fish I observed were unique. Indeed, it is most likely that they were not.

Going forward I intend to perform more surveys of the nearby bodies of water. Perhaps I will publish my results in full when I have surveyed several areas.

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