Lament at Murky's

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Lament at Murky's

Post by Vitello » Fri May 10, 2019 8:26 am

Murky's Pub, Corvus outpost

"It wasn't always this way Murky.", Vitello claimed before taking another shot of liqor. The artisan's waistcoat unbuttoned and hanging off his shoulders, his wool shirt disheveled at the collar.

An unsteady hand turns the shot glass upside down and with several moments of swaying places on a pyramid of empty glasses. The drunken artisan leaning side to side with squinting eyes to survey the level and shape of his construct.

"Sceptus he had vision.... don't get me wrong Winston he has the power but Sceptus... you could just feel he was going to make something out of this place.", Vitello claimed as he sloppily poured riln on the bartop and waved for another drink. "Sceptus... he made us proud to be Outpost, like we were really going to be something... Like a Tal Ruhn of the lostlands... a nether empire.", Vitello grinned beneath droopy eyes as he reminisced . "Drove off the church... raised Vittoria just to show his potential.... even blew up that stupid wall Shadgard was hiding behind...."

Vitello's expression soured as he picked up his drink. "Now...", he practically spits before an angry hand slapped the shotglass pyramid; toppling it and sending the glasses sprawling. "We hide like rats in the cellar, the lost lands have practically forgotten our names." A rolling glass falls from the bar and shatters on the floor. Grunting the artisan dumped a fist full of riln on the bar.

"I was supposed to make my fortune here... be a pillar of this black hearted community, leave a mark in history", Vitello laments before downing his drink with a grimace. Setting the glass aside he folds his arms on the bar and slumps forward.

"There has got to be more to life than this. This place has to become more than just a run down dump where the castouts hide from the rest of the world."
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