Symbiante Abilities

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Symbiante Abilities

Postby Lun » Fri May 23, 2014 8:41 am

I don't have any idea of what sorts of unique abilities Synbiantes are given, so this is just a list of ideas for symbiotic abilities that could be used. I know that they have passive 'treat all wounds as if they're bandaged while consuming hunger like you haven't eaten in days' as a passive ability.

DISCLAIMER: I think I made a thread like this before, but I completely forgot where I put it, so...

These could be abilities you earn by gaining tiers of infestation (Like, visible fungus types on your body? I guess by contracting this type of infection, you might be able to use that ability. I don't see someone who doesn't have visible fungal growth glowing, unless it's completely entwined in his epidermal layer and he just... glows like he's Edward Cullen or something.)

'consume': Active ability that consumes a significant amount of hunger (1 energy level, or equal to that adrenaline rush shout ability) to regain some stamina.

'burst': active ability that consumes hunger and stamina to spurt out a cloud of resen spores that disorient the target.

'numb': active ability that costs a low amount of energy, fungus releases a toxin that allows you to completely ignore stuns for a short period of time, but slows you down by a second or two per round.

'rage': alternative active ability that puts massive drain on your energy and hunger reserves in order to speed your roundtime. I guess the fungus would be assisting in muscle movement and things like that.

'glow': Activated ability, fungus on your body glows but consumes additional stamina while it's activated. It's also really obvious that you're infested, since you're glowing and all. Makes a low-power light source.

'absorb': Passive ability, you've contracted somthing like a mycorrhiza and you can absorb nutrients from the food you consume. Bonus % hunger restored from eating food. This one can be invisible, I guess.

'digest': Passive ability, like a termite you can digest celllose thanks to it passing through the fungi, which breaks it down. Can consume wood to fill hunger and energy.

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