Discord Client Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

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Discord Client Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Post by Jirato » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:52 am

Navigate between servers: CTRL+ALT+Up, CTRL+ALT+DOWN (Alternatively, CTRL+TAB)

Navigate between channels on a server: ALT+UP, ALT+DOWN

Navigate between unread channels: ALT+SHIFT+UP, ALT+SHIFT+DOWN

Navigate between urnead channels with mentions: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+UP, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+DOWN

Create or join a server: CTRL+SHIFT+N

Find or Start a Direct Message: CTRL+K (Type name of person and press enter)

Create a private group: CTRL+SHIFT+T

Answer incoming call: CTRL+ENTER

Decline incoming call: ESC

Start call in private message or group: CTRL+' (Apostrophe)

Return to connected audio channel: CTRL+ALT+LEFT

Toggle between last server and direct messages: CTRL+ALT+RIGHT

Mark server read: SHIFT+ESC

Mark channel read: ESC

Toggle Pins Popout: CTRL+P

Toggle Mentions Popout: CTRL+I

Toggle Members List: CTRL+U

Toggle Emoji Picker: CTRL+E

Scroll Chat Up or Down: Page up, Page down

Jump to oldest unread message: SHIFT+Page Up

Focus text area: Tab

Toggle Mute: CTRL+SHIFT+M

Toggle Deafen: CTRL+SHIFT+D

Upload a file: CTRL+SHIFT+U


Search: CTRL+F
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