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Wiki Templates

Post by Jirato » Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:58 pm

A couple new templates have been added to the Wiki.

If a player with edit rights to the wiki feels that a page needs to be deleted, please put {{DeleteMe}} at the top of the page.

If they feel the page should be merged with another page or renamed, please put {{RenameMe|newpage=(enter the new page name here, without the parenthesis)}} at the top of the page.

A couple notes:

Please, please, state your logic on why you feel it should be deleted under the talk page for that particular page. Don't just mark a hundred pages for deletion without listing any reasons. If there's some behind-the-scenes knowledge we have on why the page is as it is, we'll try to find a non-spoilerific way to tell you there and remove the template.

Any pages you want to delete that are locked for editing, drop a note on my user talk page. Be patient and keep it simple, a massive dump of hundreds of pages to work on is too overwhelming, but if you give me one or two at a time I'll gladly take care of it.
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