Lore Questions

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Lore Questions

Post by TheCacklackian » Thu May 09, 2019 8:58 pm

Hello! So I had some lore questions about nether, and certain nethrim.
For orderliness, I'll have the questions listed one by one with numbering! It's less chaotic that way!

1.Does Nether affect non-organic material. This would include things like stone/cobalt/lead, any kind of non-organic material, if so, does it affect ferrous material given there is enough nether? If not, how does it damage armoured targets? Does it slip between the gaps of the armour?
2.If the answer to above is no, does nether affect semi-organic material, for instance, coal?
3.Does nether rot material away, dissolve it, or melt it?
4. Does Nether leave any kind of residue, or slag from materials organic or otherwise that it melts?
5.What are demons? Is that just the classification for corporeal nethrim? Are there incorporial demons, or corporeal nethrim that are not demons?
6. On a scale from very dead, to impossibly dead, how dead is a nethrim who goes up against a thauamaturge wielding a flaming celestium great sword?
7.What does Nether smell like?
8.How cold does nether naturally get without aid from cryomancy?

These were just some questions I've had that I can't figure out based on in game descriptions from combat with/using/regarding nether.

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Re: Lore Questions

Post by Alila » Thu May 09, 2019 10:37 pm

For some non-official but somewhat informed answers...
Demons are supposedly solidified nether with no...skeleton or body or construct associated with them. So like a ghost, but with the nether of their body really really compacted.
Anything more would likely be research or questioning to occur ic? It does not seem demons are very common, even in sorcery.
Nether works kind of like an acid. It discolors and dissolves organic material--if you read the nether death messages it hints at this, it says the flesh turns pale and nether disperses from the wound. Also being splattered with nether says the nether continues to eat away at your limbs. I have seen items made of non-organic substances--metal, but not ferrous--that were affected as if drenched in acid, as well. "Dissolved," to pick one from your list. Ferrous armor definitely mechanically protects you a loooot from nether damage.
Mechanically nether is cold, but not cold enough to freeze water. Whether this holds true lore-wise also I do not know.
As for nethrim fighting the ultimate bastion of thaumaturgy, the nethrim would definitely one hundred percent be at a big big disadvantage. It is no secret that thaumaturgy wins against nether in rock-paper-scissors every time. But...
That does not mean it is impossible. Nethrim have their own tricks sometimes, or maybe they are simply really really powerful nethrim. Nethrim are not human--they are not all created equal.
Still, it is tempting to put the encounter for the nethrim somewhere closer to the very impossibly dead end of the spectrum. ;)
None of this is official or anything, and there are spoilery secrety things also that are out there. I am lore-crazy and try to know everything, but alas it is a never-ending quest for truth. Truly a worthy challenge in the realm of Clok! :D
Hmm, I never thought about the smell of nether, that is a super interesting question.
And maybe some more official answers from smarter and wiser more knowing individuals with the mystical lore mastery ability will appear. But until then, hopefully these help some. <3

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Re: Lore Questions

Post by Marauder » Thu May 09, 2019 10:52 pm

https://clok.contrarium.net/index.php?t ... hysics_FAQ

From the above page's statements on that matter and my personal knowledge:

1. Yes, however only things that are nonferrous and non-actively heated or burning.
2. As far as I recall, they're a form of superior Nethrim, but that's something you'd want to learn about IC.
3. It melts and then dissolves it based on kill messages with nether damage as well as the page above.
4. Kind of. You'd want to research this more IC, as well, but residual nether IS a thing in several forms, usually in areas with high concentrations of it.
5. Nethrim is a very broad term. It includes golems, ghouls, liches (flesh animated by nether in general) and wraiths, spirits, ghosts (incorporeal nethrim in a state closer to nether's true form). Demons are, based on the wiki article (https://clok.contrarium.net/index.php?title=Nethrim), solid state nethrim that are entirely nether. More info is likely available IC.
6. Very, but it's also based on the nethrim type. A tainted individual would be far less susceptible if they weren't wholly tainted (there are levels to it, that's all I'll say). A wraith would be more susceptible than a ghoul, too, since the wraith is entirely nether and not animated flesh. It'd still ruin the ghoul's day, very likely!
7. This one's best saved for a higher up GM to answer because I have no clue if it even has a smell.
8. Same as before, though assumedly it gets very, very cold as it consumes heat.

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Re: Lore Questions

Post by TheCacklackian » Thu May 09, 2019 10:57 pm

Thanks for the answers, I understand you cannot answer everything to the fullest extent, when it came to residue I mean more so along the lines of, when you melt something to death with nether, what remains? Is there like a goo? Or is it just nothing at that point? Question 6 was kind of just a jokey question if I'm being honest, flaming celestium greatsword being used by a thaumaturge seemed like a super overkill thing and it was semi-relevent. Again, thanks for the answer though!

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Re: Lore Questions

Post by preiman » Fri May 10, 2019 1:33 am

It might be overkill, but I’ve seen it. It is worth noting that skill still plays a very big part in who would win that. Thaumaturgy is a powerful ability but not one that renders the user immune to or in most cases even resistant to nether, most thaumaturges have to rely on armor for that.
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