Smelting Changes

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Smelting Changes

Post by Jirato » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:30 am

Smelting has been changed to be more similar to the way it was before the change that made weight management so difficult.

Chunks of ore will convert into standard 4 pound bars. Bars can be smelted further to combine weights as needed. So if you smelt 6 chunks of copper-ore, you will have 6 individual 4 pound copper-bars in the furnace when done. If you take all but two out and pull the bellows again, you'll have one eight pound bar. If you put 3 chunks of copper and one chunk of tin in the furnace, you'll wind up with 4 individual 4 pound bronze-bars.

Salvaging items through smelting (re-smelting something other than a chunk of ore or a bar) remains unchanged.
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