Logging Update: Sawmills

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Logging Update: Sawmills

Post by Landion » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:21 am

A sawmill can now be found the road north of Shadgard and on the Trade Coalition Reserve land. These can be used to process logs into cants and flitches which will sell for significantly higher amounts of riln at a market.

The mill will allow you to create a cant out of a log, then to create four flitches out of the cant.

If you'd like to figure it out for yourself then do not read the instructions below.

You can LOOK at the various items in the sawmill and experiment in order to discover the process. Otherwise, I've posted some basic guidelines below.

Note: These are still not exact commands. Where's the fun in that?
Step 1: Creating a cant.

- Put a log onto the log carriage.
- Be sure the saw-blades are set correctly.
- Start up the sawblades.
- Push the log. (and keep your fingers clear!)

Step 2: Cutting the cant into flitches

- Stop the blades and adjust the blades for the next cut.
- Restart the blades.
- Push the cant.

Collect the flitches and repeat!

Future plans include using flitches in carpentry for crafting planks.
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Post by Slaidh » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:42 pm

Running the sawmill makes me feel awesome somehow. I'll suggest when you try to pull the lever when it's already on that the messaging inform you that you can PUSH the lever to turn it back off.
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