Player Mine Changes

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Player Mine Changes

Postby Jirato » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:35 pm

Brief recap of what's already in the devlog, for anyone reading this in the future when it's buried beneath a bunch of other updates, or to clarify/expand on it if anyone wasn't sure what all it meant:

Player mines are now tracked as a grid. Previously, any tunnels you dug were just point to point, but they could actually wind up overlapping. For example, if you dug east, south, west, and north in that order. the last room you dug would actually be a new room altogether, even though, speaking from a directional perspective, it should be the room you started from. That has been corrected, and under the new system you can now "dig into" existing mine rooms. You can have a series of intersecting tunnels and freely traverse your mine.

With the above changes, mine rooms no longer collapse (get deleted) when they reach 0 progress. Yes, this means mine rooms are permanent now. I may add a system in the future where the exits collapse and you have to re-dig into it, but the mine room itself will always be there. These permanent mine rooms will make things such as installing sconces (And in the future, minecart tracks) much more practical though.

With the above change, the rarity of the minerals in a mine is no longer based purely on the number of rooms you have, but now how far you are from the origin (mine entrance). For example, in the previous system, all you had to do was dig 25 rooms in your mine and you'd have access to the rarest possible resources in every room of your mine. Under the new system, picture a square around your mine entrance. Now picture a larger square around that, and a larger square around that. The first, smaller square, will have the most common materials. The second square will have slightly rarer materials, and so on and so on.

Additionally, as you continue to uncover veins in a mine room, you will gradually deplete the number of available minerals. Once this counter reaches 0, that room will be considered a "depleted" room, and no more minerals will be found there. The counter is astronomically high for the first layer of rooms closest to your mine entrance, and gradually gets lower the further out you dig. There is a rare chance (determined at time of room creation) that a room will be a "treasure trove" and have a considerably higher (2 to 5 times more) counter than other rooms at a comparable depth.

Considerations for the future:
Removal of mine-size based penalties (more frequent cave-ins and gas-leaks)
Possible collapsing exits that need to be re-dug.
Ability to specify a direction to dig as the mine owner and then have other people assist in digging it with you.
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Re: Player Mine Changes

Postby Edoras » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:39 am

When you say "picture a square around your mine entrance" do you really mean a cube, in that digging 'down' is still travelling in that direction?

As well, I'm picturing that this means the best way to get the 'rarest' materials will be to dig in a single direction, correct?

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Re: Player Mine Changes

Postby preiman » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:44 pm

this might make me unpopular, but I think I'd be okay with rooms eventually vanishing completely, even entire mines eventually vanishing back into the wilderness if not attended to after long enough. I think it would help keep the wilderness from becoming littered with too many of them, as long time inactive mines would eventually be gone.
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Re: Player Mine Changes

Postby Lun » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:39 pm

I'd be okay with player mine claims being taken from them if inactive for a year. However I don't think this should be automated, this should be something done via guru intervention.

By inactive I mean the entrance has closed. There are prime examples of at least three mine claims abandoned and collapsed to only the entrance.

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