Two-hands vs. One-Hand while mining

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Two-hands vs. One-Hand while mining

Post by Landion » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:50 pm

So, I was walking around Lowe's last night buying sprinkler parts, bug killer and other oddities, and I came across a tool section. I spotted a pickaxe and had to laugh to myself as I was reminded of CLOK. I picked one up, and quickly realized how heavy they actually are, and how large.

I realized that so far, miners can walk around with a big pickaxe in one hand, and carry something in the other. While possible, that would have some penalties and would be a lot more difficult, and not nearly as effective as using two hands.

Honestly, who carries a lantern in their hand whild using an axe on a tree? The same applies to mining, as you're cutting at stone and hard dirt.

I then went and checked the weapons file and saw that pickaxes were correctly setup there to be used with 1 or 2 hands in combat. So that was good, but mining still needed to be fixed to be consistent with how they work in combat.

So, with that little story, I have made a few minor adjustments to make this a bit more realistic.

If you mine with an open hand:
- You now recieve a 5% bonus to your challenge rolls.

However, if you mine with something in your other hand:
- You'll notice you use more energy.
- You are a bit slower.
- Your mining rolls are significantly penalized.

Hopefully this will also encourage the use of the mine sconces, or attendants, though you can still haul a lantern around and drop it, such as in the case of a public mine.
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