Totems - Carving Them

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Totems - Carving Them

Post by KianTheArcher » Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:43 pm

I've had, for a while now, a general idea in my head for more "worldwide" uses of druidry, and I've gotten a more solid grasp on how I think it should work. I'm posting this here, because it's directly related to Woodworking, however it's only half of my total idea. The remainder will be on another thread in the Druidry subforum.

Essentially, this would add in a new carveable item called a totem. A totem is essentially a large piece of decoration carved from a log. A totem does not get picked up by the janitor, but decays over time. The lower in quality the totem is, the faster it degrades. A totem only becomes a Totem (capital T) when all three steps are followed, and is used for Commune based things, as well future abilities that utilise the Totems.

However, step 3 is only available to Druids. Steps 1 and 2 are available to anyone.

Step 1.) Carve base <animal>
This uses a log in the room to carve a rough totem in the visage of one of the "base" animal groups. Cattle, reptile, ursine, canine, feline, bird, or equine. this can never go above average in quality. Uses a hand axe.
Step 2.) Carve specific <animal>
This takes a Base totem and carves it into something more specific, such as a dragon, bison, eagle, fox, etc.. Uses a handsaw. Can never go above well carved quality.
Step 3.) Carve detail totem
This requires druidry to be active to do. Using druidry and a knife, you whittle away at the specific totem, until you have a detailed totem that looks nearly lifelike. The Totem has a connection to the Gaea as well as the Great Spirits, and may be used by Dwaedn for Hallowed Burial benefits if they are on the Friend List of the druid that carved it. The Totem also will have uses in Commune, as well as future Druidry spells.
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